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1. Low-temperature Transport Properties of Metals with Paramagnetic Impurities
2. Anomalous Hall Effect for Polarized Electrons in Semiconductors
3. Photomagnetic Effect in a Quantized Magnetic Field for Electrons Heated by Light
4. Impurity Stationary Photomagnetic Effect
5. Magnetophonon concentration oscillations in zero-gap semiconductors
6. Cross section for recombination of an electron with a positively charged center in a semiconductor
7. Thermal ionization of impurities in strong electric fields
8. Cascade capture in a quantizing magnetic field
9. Theory of electron capture by attracting centers in photoexcited semiconductors
10. Binding of electrons and holes into excitons
11. Bound-exciton Auger recombination induced by acoustic phonons
12. Model of a deep impurity center in a many-valley semiconductor
13. Selective optical pumping and quasiresonance intervalley scattering of electrons by neutral donors in many-valley semiconductors
14. Impact ionization in semiconductors under the influence of the electric field of an optical wave
15. Theory of the multiphonon capture of an electron by a deep trapping center
16. Model of a deep impurity center in a semiconductor two-band-approximation
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