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1. Excitation of Magnons and Phonons on Absorption of Light in Antiferromagnetic NiF2
2. Optical Absorption Spectra of Mn2+, Co2+, Ni2+ and Ho3+ in Antiferromagnetic Crystals
3. Study of the Antiferromagnetic Resonance Spectrum in BaMnF4
4. Exciton and Exciton-magnon Absorption in Antiferromagnetic CsMnF3
5. lnvestiganon of static magnetic properties of antiferromagnetic RbMnCI3
6. Visual investigation of the domain structure of ferrimagnetic NbNiF3
7. Investigation of the relativistic antiferromagnetic resonance branches of CsMnI3, an easy-axis one-dimensional antiferromagnet
8. Influence of a diamagnetic impurity on the magnetic properties of the noncollinear antiferromagnet RbNiCI3
9. Magnetic resonance in the noncollinear antiferromagnet RbMnBr3
10. Static magnetic properties of the quasi-one-dimensional noncollinear antiferromagnet RbMnBr3
11. Magnetic resonance in the noncollinear hexagonal antiferromagnet RbNiCl3
12. Magnetic resonance in the noncollinear hexagonal antiferromagnets CsNiCI3 and CsMnBr3
13. Anomalies of magnetic properties of dilute Mn1-xZnxF2 and Ni1-xMgxF2 antiferromagnets below the percolation threshold
14. Ferromagnetic resonance and the phase diagrams of the two-dimensional easy-plane ferromagnets (CH3NH3)2CuCI4 and K2CuF4
15. Magnetic properties of antiferromagnetic Ni1-xZnxF2 and Ni1-xMgxF2
16. Ferromagnetic resonance and magnetic structure of (CH3 NH3)2 CuCI4
17. Investigation of the effect of a random field in MnxZn1-xF2 by the neutron elastic scattering method
18. Nuclear magnetic resonance of fluorine in MnxZn1-xF2 compounds at temperatures 4.2-300 K
19. Investigation of the complex character of the spin-wave relaxation at low temperatures
20. Investigation of the static magnetic properties of the system Mn1-xZnxF2
21. Light scattering in ferrimagnetic RbNiF3
22. Isotropic and anisotropic magnetic refraction of light in the antiferromagnets KNiF3 and RbMnF3
23. Magnetic properties of the dilute antiferromagnets M1-xZnxF2 (M = Mn+2, Co+2)
24. Magnetic properties and weak ferromagnetism of the dilute antiferromagnets M1-xZnxF2 (M=Mn++, Co++, Ni++)
25. Rearrangement of the spectrum of magnetic excitations of antiferromagnetic CoF2 with lowconcentration MnF2 impurity
26. Investigation of the static magnetic properties of antiferromagnetic CsMnF3 and FeCI2
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