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1. Theory of bremsstrahlung of relativistic electrons and positrons in crystals
2. Quasiclassical theory of radiation emission from high-energy particles in an external field and the problem of boundary conditions
3. Multiple scattering of relativistic electrons in thin silicon single crystals: Theory and experiment
4. Dynamics of the restructuring of above-barrier states and related anomalies in the spectrum radiated by a relativistic electron beam propagating in a crystal
5. The effect of thermal vibrations of atoms on the scattering and radiation of ultrarelativistic particles in crystals
6. Theory of emission by relativistic particles in amorphous and crystalline media
7. Orientation effects in interaction of high-energy particles with strings of atoms in a crystal
8. Contribution to the theory of electromagnetic showers In crystalline media
9. Radiation of ultrarelativistic positrons moving in a single crystal near crystallographic planes
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