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1. Beta-Gamma Angular Correlation in Ba139 Decay and the Relative Sign of the Beta-Interaction Coupling Constants
2. The Reaction T(p, n) He3 at 7-12 Mev Proton Energy
3. The (d, t) Reaction in C12, F19, and Al27 Nuclei
4. Polarization of Neutrons from the T(p, n)He3 Reaction and of Protons from the He3(n, p)T Reaction
5. (d, t) Reactions on Li6, Li7, and Be9 Nuclei
6. (d, t) Reactions on Medium and Heavy Nuclei
7. Neutron Spectra From the d + p Reaction
8. Interaction of Protons with Tritium and the Excited State of He4
9. Spectra of Neutrons Produced by Bombarding Light Nuclei with 14 mev Deuterons
10. Neutron Spectra in the Bombardment of Tritium and Deuterium by 14 mev Deuterons*
11. Spatial Correlation of Nucleons in Light Nuclei
N.A. Vlasov
JETP, 1964, Vol. 18, No. 1, p. 160
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12. Neutron Polarization in the Reactions T(p, n) He3 and D(d, n) He3
13. The Reaction (α, t) on Li7, Be9 and Na23
14. Neutron Polarization in the T(d, n) He4 Reaction
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