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1. Nuclear Interactions of 8.7-Bev Protons in Photographic Emulsions
2. Nuclear Fissions Associated with Heavy Unstable Particles
3. Two τ-Mesons Detected in Photographic Emulsions
4. Energy Spectrum of π--Mesons Produced by Cosmic Rays in Photographic Emulsions
5. Soft Component in an Electron-Nuclear Shower at Energies of 1014 ev
6. Emulsion Study of the Interaction Between 8.7-Bev Protons and Quasi-Free Nucleons
7. Ionization Losses of Ultrarelativistic Electrons
8. Study of the Fine Structure of the γ-Ray Energy Spectrum Produced by 18.7-BeV Protons in Photographic Emulsion Nuclei
9. Quasinucleon Interactions of 24 BeV/c Protons with Photoemulsion Nuclei in a Strong Magnetic Field
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