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1. Resonance Absorption of Gamma Quanta in Magnesium Stannide. 23.8 keV Absorption Line with the Natural Line Width
2. The Mössbauer Effect on Sn119 Nuclei In Gold, Platinum, and Thallium Matrices
3. The Mössbauer Effect in Binary Tin Compounds
4. The Mössbauer Effect on Sn119 Nuclei in a Vanadium Matrix
5. Hyperfine Structure of Gamma Rays Produced by Quadrupole Interaction in a Crystal Lattice
6. Nuclear Zeeman Effect in Sn119
7. Effect of Temperature on Hyperfine Structure of Gamma Radiation
8. Energy Shifts of Gamma Transitions Observed in Resonance Absorption of Gamma Quanta in Crystals
9. Magnetic Moment of the 23.8-keV Excited State of Sn119
10. Observation of the Mössbauer Effect in a Tin-Containing Polymer
11. Resonance Absorption of 23.8-kev Gamma Quanta by Sn119 Nuclei in Crystals
12. Isomer Shifts for the 23.8-kev Gamma Transition in Sn119
13. Relation Between the Isomer Shifts for the 23.8-keV Gamma Transition of Sn119 in Metallic Solid Solutions and the Dynamical Properties of the Matrix
14. Mössbauer Effect on Sn119 Impurity Nuclei in Binary Metallic Solid Solutions
15. Isomer Chemical Shifts of the Mossbauer γ Line in Isoelectronic Tin and Tellurium Compounds
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