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1. Magnetic Change of the Resistance of Ferromagnets
2. Hall Coefficient and Electrical Resistance of Ferromagnets
3. The Determination of Deuterium Plasma Density by Means of a Tritium Ion Beam
4. Anisotropy of the Even Photomagnetic Effect in n-Type Germanium at Low Temperatures
5. Nonstationary Photomagnetic Effect in Germanium Single Crystals
6. The Photomagnetic Effect in a p-n Junction
7. Anisotropy of the Odd Photomagnetic Effect
8. Spectral Distribution of the Effect of Quenching of the Recombination Radiation of Germanium by Infrared Light
9. A New Photopiezoelectric Effect in Semiconductors
10. Electrical Conductivity and Density of a Metal Vapor
11. Quantum Oscillations of Photomagnetic Effects and Photoconductivity in InSb and InAS
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