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1. The Magnetization and Magnetocaloric Effect of Manganese Phosphide
2. Oscillation of the Electrical Resistance of n-Type Germanium in Strong Pulsed Magnetic Fields
3. The Odd Component of the Galvanomagnetic Effect in the Ferrimagnetic Compound Mn5Ge2
4. Magnetocaloric Effect in the Low-temperature Range of Transformation of Magnetite
5. Magnetic Properties of Polycrystalline Alloy Cu + 22.8 Atomic Percent Mn
6. Temperature Dependence of the Hall Effect in MnAu2
7. The Dependence of the Hall Constant of p-Type Germanium on the Magnetic Field Strength
8. Hall Effect in a Ferrimagnet with a Compensation Point. I. Experiments on Mn5Ge2
9. Magnetic Properties of the Compound Mn3Ge2 in Strong Magnetic Fields
10. Galvanomagnetic Properties of Mn5Ge2 Far From the Compensation Point
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