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1. Cross Sections for Elastic Scattering of 195-Mev Positive Pions by Carbon and Lithium Nuclei
2. Inelastic Scattering and Absorption of (195\pm15)-Mev Positive Pions by Carbon and Lithium Nuclei
3. Estimate of the Relative Probability for the K02 \longrigtarrow 3π0 Decay
4. Observation of K02 \longrightarow π+ + π- + π0 Decays
5. Four-Pronged Decay of the Long Lived K0 Meson
6. On the Experimental Verification of the {\Delta}I = \frac{1}{2} Selection Rule for Lepton Decay of K Mesons
7. An Experimental Investigation of Some Consequences of CP-Invariance in K02-Meson Decays
8. Production of Hyperons in Lead by K02 Mesons with a Mean Energy of \sim 100 MeV
9. Experimental Determination of the Relative Probabilities for Various Branches of K02 Decay
10. Energy Spectra and Angular Correlations of K0e3 Decay Particles
11. An Estimate of the Cross Section for Λ and Σ1 Particle Production in Lead by Long-lived K0 Mesons with a Mean Energy E=150 MeV
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