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1. Heating of Matter by Focused Laser Radiation
2. A Q-switched Optical Maser
3. Nonlinear Amplification of Light Pulses
4. A Laser with Nonresonant Feedback
5. Dynamics of Emission Line Narrowing for a Laser with Nonresonant Feedback
6. Statistical Emission Properties of a Nonresonant Feedback Laser
7. Emission Spectrum of an He-Xe Laser with Nonresonant Feedback
8. Excitation of vibrational levels in the N14H3 molecule by radiation from a CO2 laser
9. Mechanism of isotopically selective dissociation of SF6 molecules by CO2 laser radiation
10. Selective two-step ionization of rubidium by laser radiation
11. lnvestigation of the dissociation of BCI3 molecules in the field of an intense CO2 laser pulse
12. Interaction of SF6 molecules with a powerful infrared laser pulse and the separation of sulfur isotopes
13. lnvestigation of vibrationally excited ammonium molecules by the double IR-UV resonance technique
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