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1. Paramagnetic Resonance of F Centers in Static Magnetic Fields of Arbitrary Strength
2. Interaction between Current Carriers and F-Centers and the Acoustic Vibrations of the Lattice in Ionic Crystals
3. Quantum States and Optical Transitions of the F+2 Center Electron
4. The Shape and Temperature Dependence of the Electron-Spin Resonance Lines of Localized Electron Centers in Crystals
5. Dependence of the Hyperfine Structure of F Centers on the Orientation of a Crystal in an External Magnetic Field
6. Hyperfine Interaction and Spin-Electron Resonance in Polarons and Excitons
7. Theory of Localized Electron States in an Isotropic Homopolar Crystal
M.F. Deigen
JETP, 1957, Vol. 4, No. 3, p. 424
PDF (607.8K)

8. Theory of Paramagnetic Resonance of F Centers in Ionic Crystals
M.F. Deigen
JETP, 1958, Vol. 6, No. 3, p. 594
PDF (658.5K)

9. Influence of Acoustic Vibrations on the Parameters of the Bands of Impurity Absorption in Crystals
10. The Orlentation of Nuclei
11. Electron Nuclear Double Resonance of F Centers in KCl
12. Angular Dependences of the EPR Line Widths of Cr3+ in ZnWO4
13. Theory of EPR Line Shape of Impurity Centers in Nonmetallic Crystals
14. Electron-nuclear Double Resonance of F Centers in LiF
15. Temperature Dependence of the Hyperfine Interaction Constants in F Centers
16. Theory of Electron-Nuclear Double Resonance in the Presence of External Stresses
17. Electron-nuclear Double Resonance of F Centers in KBr
18. Theory of Electron Nuclear Double Resonance in the Presence of an External Electric Field
19. ESR and spin relaxation of deep centers in semiconductors in the presence of photoelectrons (Si : Fe0)
20. Indirect interaction of paramagneltic centers via the plasmon field
21. Paramagnetic relaxation due to plasma oscillations of the current carriers
22. Local electric field in crystals
23. Phonon-mediated exchange interaction of impurity centers in crystals
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