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1. The Nature of a New Effect of a Change in the Photoconductivity of Organic Semiconductors in a Magnetic Field
E.L. Frankevich
JETP, 1966, Vol. 23, No. 5, p. 814
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2. Recombination Fluorescence of Anthracene in a Magnetic Field
3. Investigation of the Mechanism of Carrier Production in Anthracene by Using the Effect of Variation of Photoconductivity in a Magnetic Field
4. Photogeneration of Current Carriers in Crystalline Tetracene in a Magnetic Field
5. New Type of Magnetically Sensitive Fluorescence Produced by Excitation of Tetracene on the Surface of an Anthracene Crystal
6. Magnetic resonance of short-lived intermediate complexes in the reaction of quenching of triplet excitons by radicals
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