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1. Temperature Dependence of the Magnetic Susceptibility of Indium, Lead, and Tin Crystals
2. Effect of the Dimensions and Purity on the Electrical Resistance of Metals in a Longitudinal Magnetic Field at Helium Temperatures
3. Resistance of Thin Single-Crystal Wires
4. Effect of Size and Temperature on the Electric Resistance of Antimony Single Crystals
5. Variation of the Electrical Resistance of Solid Mercury at Low Temperatures
6. Effect of Size on the Electrical Resistance of Thallium at Helium Temperatures
7. Effect of Impurities on the Residual Electric Resistivity of Cadmium
8. Electrical Resistance of Cesium at Low Temperatures
9. Deviations from the Matthiessen rule in the temperature range 2 to 14^\circK in Sn, In, Hg and Tl containing small quantities of impurities
10. Resistivities of rubidium and potassium at helium temperatures
11. Deviations from the Matthiessen rule in the case of tin- and indium-base alloys
12. Effect of impurities of normal metals on the residual electric resistance of Na, K, Rb, and Cs
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