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1. EPR Spectrum and Spin-lattice Relaxation of Cr3+ and Fe3+ in Single-crystal Zinc Tungstate
2. Photon Echo in the Molecular Gases BCl3 and SF6
3. Influence of the Choice of the Instant of Q-switching in Pulsed Pumping of a CO2 Laser on the Intensity of the Generated Pulses
4. Dissociation and bleaching of a multilevel molecular gas by high-power CO2 laser radiation
5. Nutation effect in the molecular gases BCI3 and SF6
6. Separation of molecules with different isotopic compositions by adsorption
7. Kinetics of excitation of a polyatomic molecular gas by a strong laser field in the presence of collisions
8. Methods for selective heterogeneous separation of vibrationally excited molecules
9. Mechanism of collisionless dissociation of polyatomic molecules in a high-power laser beam
10. Mechanism of collisional dissociation of polyatomic molecules
11. Redistribution of the vibrational energy in the course of laser excitation of high vibrational levels of polyatomic molecules
12. Excitation of high vibrational states and dissociation of polyatomic molecules in a laser field
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