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1. Capture of Negative Muons by Pure Chromium and Nickel Isotopes
2. Capture of Negative Muons by Atoms in a Chemical Compound
3. Measurement of Primary Specific Ionization in Noble Gases
4. Experimental Investigation of Streamer Discharge Development in Neon
5. Measurement of the Relativistic Increase in Specific Primary Ionization in a Streamer Chamber
6. Identification of High-energy Particles in a Streamer Chamber
7. Study of Electron Collisions in Noble Gases by Means of a Streamer Chamber
8. Low-Pressure Streamer Chamber in a Magnetic Field
9. Mean multiplicities of the final hadron states in neutrino-nuclear interactions at (E u) = 8.7 GeV (The E-128 Experiment)
10. Inclusive characteristics of neutrino scattering at the nuclei of a photographic emulsion at energies of E u=3-30 GeV (The E-128 Experiment)
11. Electron emission from condensed noble gases
12. Study of the formation of neutral strange particles in neutrino-nuclear interactions in the energy range 3-30 GeV using a streamer-chamber-plus-photoemulsion spectrometer
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