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1. Nonlinear Absorption of Picosecond Light Pulses in Semiconductors
2. Nonlinear Absorption and Limitation of Light Intensity in Semiconductors
3. Emission from ZnS Subjected to Two-photon Optical Excitation with the Second Harmonic of a Neodymium Laser
4. Indicatrix and Spectra of Stimulated Raman Scattering Excited by Picosecond Optical Pulses in Liquids
5. Investigation of the Statistical Properties of Ultrashort Light Pulses by Two-photon Absorption in Semiconductors
6. Self-induced transparency of a semiconductor
7. Optical linearities and size quantization in porous silicon
8. Nonlinear-transmission dynamics and nonlinear susceptibilities of semiconducting microcrystals (quantum dots)
9. Erratum: Optical linearities and size quantization in porous silicon [JETP 79(6), 994-998 (1994)]
10. Dynamics and mechanisms of recombination of electron-hole plasma and high-density excitons in CdS and CdSe
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