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1. Photon frequency redistribution function in the resonance radiation transfer theory in the presence of a laser field
2. Effect of stimulated processes on the Hanle signal. Investigation of the total signal intensity
3. Evolution of the frequency-spatial structure of an intense laser pulse propagating in a resonant medium
4. Influence of stimulated processes on the properties of the Hanle signal. Investigation of spectra
5. Influence of nonlinear dynamic relaxation on the absorption and emission spectra of a two-level atom in a strong electromagnetic field
6. Multiplet resonance-fluorescence spectra of a three-level medium (sodium vapor) in intense laser radiation
7. Spectral properties of the Hanle effect for a strong monochromatic wave
8. Influence of stationary electric and magnetic fields on resonant four-wave mixing processes
A.A. Panteleev
JETP, 1991, Vol. 72, No. 6, p. 939
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