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1. On a Rational System of Symbols for Fundamental Particles
2. The Application of the Microcanonical Distribution to the Statistical Theory of Multiple Production of Particles
3. Motion of a Rarefied Plasma in a Variable Magnetic Field
4. Production of Very Strong Magnetic Fields by Rapid Compression of Conducting Shells
5. Calculation of Coordinate Probabilities by Gibbs Method
6. Relativistic Motion of an Electron in an Axially Symmetric Field Which Moves along the Axis of Symmetry
7. The Statistics of Charge-Conserving Systems and Its Application to the Theory of Multiple Production
8. Electroacoustic Waves in a Gas Discharge Plasma with Consideration of Volume Recombination
9. Diffusion Coefficient of Particles in a Magnetized Interstellar Medium
10. Further Discussion on Fluctuations in Gravitating Systems
11. An Investigation of Particle-Like Solutions of a Nonlinear Scalar Field Equation
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