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1. Dislociation Bands in Electron Energy Spectrum
2. Fluctuation Levels of an Electron in a System of Disordered Short-range Dislocations
3. Dislocation dragging by electrons in a magnetic field
4. Influence of Dislocations on the De Haas-Van Alphen Effect
5. Wave transmittance for a thick layer of a randomly inhomogeneous medium
6. Dislocation damping by electrons in the ultraquantum limit
7. Theory of residual resistance of a metallic bicrystal
8. Relaxation of the intermediate decay structure of glasses and of solid solutions to a state of complete thermodynamic equilibrium
9. Kinetics of the spinodal decomposition of glasses
10. Evolution of "frozen" concentration fluctuations during decomposition of glasses with near-spinodal compositions
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