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1. Relative Compressibility of Copper, Cadmium, and Lead at High Pressures
2. Problem of the Existence of a Metallic State in Dynamically Compressed Carbon
3. An Experimental Verification of the Thomas-Fermi Model for Metals under High Pressure
4. Compression of Water by Strong Shock Waves
5. Synthesis of a high density phase of silicon dioxide in shock waves
6. Measurement of the compressibility of iron at 5.5 TPa
7. New data, obtained under strong shock wave conditions from an underground nuclear explosion, on the compressibility of aluminum, plexiglass, and quartz
8. Determination of the shock compressibility of iron at pressures up to 10 TPa (100 Mbar)
9. Shock compression of porous iron, copper, and tungsten, and their equation of state in the terapascal pressure range
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