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1. Magnetic Resonance in Rhombohedral Weak Ferromagnetics
2. On the Theory of Weak Ferromagnetism
E.A. Turov
JETP, 1959, Vol. 9, No. 4, p. 890
PDF (473.2K)

3. On the Theory of the Temperature Dependence of Ferromagnetic Anisotropy
4. Temperature Dependence of Magnetostriction
5. Anisotropy in Magnetic Susceptibility and Dependence of Heat Capacity on Field Direction in an Antiferromagnet
E.A. Turov
JETP, 1958, Vol. 7, No. 4, p. 696
PDF (299.2K)

6. The Quantum Theory of Ferromagnetism
7. Galvanomagnetic Effects in Ferrimagnetics near the Compensation Point
8. On Some Galvano- and Thermomagnetic Effects in Antiferromagnets
9. The Phenomenon of Longitudinal Magnetization of an Antiferromagnet by a Transverse Circularly Polarized Magnetic Field
E.A. Turov
JETP, 1962, Vol. 15, No. 5, p. 981
PDF (305.3K)

10. Coupled Oscillations of Electronic and Nuclear Spins in Antiferromagnets
11. Nuclear spin motion with allowance for Suhl-Nakamura interaction
12. Magnetoelectricity and weak ferromagnetism in the antiferromagnet KNiPO4
E.A. Turov
JETP, 1996, Vol. 83, No. 1, p. 108
PDF (386.9K)

13. Acoustics of magneto-electric antiferromagnetics. Rhombohedral crystals
E.A. Turov
JETP, 1993, Vol. 77, No. 5, p. 868
PDF (188.2K)

14. Acoustics of magnetoelectric antiferromagnetics: tetragonal crystals
15. Elastic anharmonicity in magnetoelectric tetragonal antiferromagnets
16. Erratum: Acoustics of magneto-electric antiferrornagnets: tetragonal crystals [JETP 77(6), 1014-1020 (1993)]
17. Erratum: Acoustics of magneto-electric antiferromagnets. Rhombohedral crystals [JETP 77(5), 868-873 (1 993)]
E.A. Turov
JETP, 1994, Vol. 79, No. 2, p. 377
PDF (20.7K)

18. Erratum: Exchange-enhanced photoelastic interaction and Bragg diffraction by sound in antiferromagnets [Sov. Physics - JETP 71, 365-371 (August 1990)]
E.A. Turov
JETP, 1990, Vol. 71, No. 6, p. 1227
PDF (19.4K)

19. Exchange-enhanced photoelastic interaction and Bragg light diffraction by sound in antiferromagnets
E.A. Turov
JETP, 1990, Vol. 71, No. 2, p. 365
PDF (306.6K)

20. Acoustic Cotton-Mouton effect in antiferromagnets
E.A. Turov
JETP, 1989, Vol. 69, No. 6, p. 1211
PDF (227.1K)

21. Weak distortions of the magnetic structure of iron borate
22. Magnetoelastic excitation of inhomogeneous magnetization waves in ferromagnets by a uniform time-dependent magnetic field
23. Antiferromagnetic effects in acoustics
E.A. Turov
JETP, 1987, Vol. 65, No. 5, p. 1060
PDF (182.7K)

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