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1. Interaction of ultrashort relativistically intense laser pulses with matter: conservative models and instabilities of the light field
2. General instability of a relativistically intense electromagnetic wave in matter
3. Dynamic modulation of an ultrashort high-intensity laser pulse in matter
4. Propagation of an intense ultrashort laser pulse under conditions of multiple nonlinear ionization
5. On possible applications of the self-channeling in matter of high-power ultrashort laser pulses
6. Nonlinear wave equation to describe propagation of ultrashort high-power laser pulses in matter
7. Relativistic-ponderomotive self-channeling of intense ultrashort laser pulses in a medium
8. Vibrational-orientational polarization of molecular gases in a two-frequency optikal field
9. High-frequency susceptibility of a gas of anisotropically polarizable dipole molecules
10. Heating of free electrons by photorecombination in a plasma
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