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1. Temperature Dependence of the Mössbauer Effect on Fe57 Impurity Nuclei in a Gold Lattice
2. Studies of Temperature Dependence of Mossbauer Spectra of Fe57 and Sn119 in Antiferromagnetic FeSn2
3. The electron configuration of the iron ions in the NiFe2-xCrxO4 ferrites
4. Mössbauer spectra of the hyperfine structure of paramagnetic Fe3+ ions in weak magnetic fields
5. Effect of anisotropy on field-induced antiferromagnetism in YFeO3
6. Sign of conduction-electron polarization in iron
7. Critical behavior of iron borate of yttrium-iron garnet
8. Effect of spin-lattice relaxation on the Mössbauer spectrum of metmyoglobin
9. Position of the Zeeman lines in the Mössbauer spectra of paramagnetic materials
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