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1. Investigation of a Phase Transition in Nickel with Polarized Neutrons
2. Verification of a possible asymmetry in the polarization of thermal neutrons after reflection from a mirror
3. Polarization of a neutron beam on reflection from a magnetized mirror
4. Determination of the spatial orientation of neutron polarization and investigation of magnetization near a phase-transition point
5. Gas exchange with the ceramic superconductor YBa2Cu3O7-δ and its fractal properties derived from results of small-angle neutron scattering
6. Investigation of spin correlations in concentrated Fe-Ni-Cr spin glasses by the method of polarized neutron scattering
7. Slow-neutron scattering by 186W-enriched tungsten
8. Asymmetry of the critical scattering of polarized neutrons and critical dynamics of ferromagnets subjected to a magnetic field above Tc
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