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1. Production of a Σ Hyperon by 8.3 Bev/c Negative π Mesons
2. Creation of Antiprotons in Interaction of Negative Pions with Nucleons
3. Investigation of the Elastic Scattering of π- Mesons with Momenta 6.8 Bev/c from Protons in a Propane Bubble Chamber
4. On the Possible Scheme of Production of Λ Hyperons Via Isobars in {pi-p-Interaction at 7-8 BeV
5. Production of Ξ- Hypersons by 7- and 8-Bev/c π- Mesons
6. Production of Λ00) Hyperons and K0 Mesons in π-p Interactions at 6.8 \pm 0.6 Bev/c
7. Inelastic Interactions Between 6.8-Bev/c π- Mesons and Nucleons
8. Search for unusual decays of superdense nuclei using two-meter hydrogen and propane bubble chambers
9. Search for decays of superdense nuclei in the two-meter propane chamber
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