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1. Absorption of radiation in collisions of alkali-metal atoms
2. Translational radiative transitions in atomic collisions
3. Kinetics of decay of metastable polarized crystals
4. Radiative transitions in collisions of atoms and the photodissociation of vibrationally excited molecules
5. Erratum: Kinetics of Bose condensation in an interacting Bose gas [Sov. Physics - JETP 74, 279-285 (February 1992)]
6. Decay kinetics of triplet He(23S) excitations in liquid and solid helium
7. Kinetics of Bose condensation in an interacting Bose gas
8. Resonance optics of the low-temperature quantum gases H and D
9. Spin relaxation of atoms during quantum diffusion in a crystal
10. Influence on inelastic processes of the phase transition in a weakly collisional two-dimensional Bose gas
11. Kinetics of decay of metastable gas phase of polarized atomic hydrogen at low temperatures
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