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1. Study of the Decay of the K02 Meson Into Three Neutral Pions
2. Inelastic Scattering of 2.66-GeV π- Mesons on Nucleons and Carbon Nuclei
3. Elastic Scattering of 2.8-BeV/c π- Mesons on Hydrogen
4. Elastic Scattering of 2.8- and 6.8 Bev/c π- Mesons on Carbon
5. Primary Specific Ionization of Relativistic Particles in Gases
6. Primary ionization of noble gases by relativistic electrons
7. X radiation of a plasma produced by picosecond ruby laser pulses
8. Relativistic increase of the specific primary ionization in noble gases
9. Absorption and scattering of radiation by a plasma produced by ruby-laser picosecond pulses
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