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1. Effect of Stoichiometry on the Mössbauer Effect in SnO2
2. Chemical Shifts of the Kα1, 2, Kβ1, 3, and Kβ2, 4 X-ray Lines in Heavy Elements, Due to s, p, d, or f Valence Electrons
3. Chemical Shifts of the Kα1 X-ray Lines During the Oxidation of Rare Earth Metals. The Role of the f Electrons
4. Chemical Shifts of the Kα1 Lines and the Valence Structure of Transition Metals of the Fifth and Sixth Period
5. Chemical Shifts of the Kα1 X-ray Line in Compounds of Tin and Group VI Elements
6. Chemical Shifts of the Kα1 X-ray Lines in Compounds Containing Elements of the Ag-Sb Series
7. The Role of f Electrons in the Chemical Shift of the Kα1 Lines
8. lnvestigation of the mechanism of the semiconductor to metal transition in the systems NdxSm1-xSe and NdxSm1-xS by the method of chemical shifts of x-ray lines
9. Investigation of the electronic mechanism of the isomorphic phase transition in cerium
10. Resonance fluorescence in x-ray K spectra
11. Double 4f-collapse in the isomorphic Ceγ-Ceα phase transition in Ce0.9-xRxTh0.1 (R = Eu,Yb)
12. Valence instability of cerium in Ce1-xThx
13. Hyperfine shift of x-ray lines excited in internal conversion
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