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1. Interaction between 660-Mev Protons and Atomic Nuclei and the Nuclear Internal Momentum Distribution of Nucleons
2. Some Features of the Process of Charged π-Meson Production on Carbon by 670-Mev Protons
3. Knockout of Deuterons from Li, Be, C, and O Nuclei by Protons of Energy 675 Mev
4. Further Refinement of pp-Scattering Phase Shifts at 657 MeV
5. pp-Scattering Phase Shifts at 435 MeV
L.S. Azhgirei
JETP, 1964, Vol. 18, No. 5, p. 1365
PDF (309.1K)

6. Phenomenological Analysis of pp Interaction at 657 MeV. I
7. Real Part of the Amplitude for Elastic pp Forward Scattering
8. Small Angle Elastic Scattering of 660 MeV Protons on Carbon Nuclei
9. Determination of the Parameters of the Generalized Diffraction Model of the Nucleus At 660 MeV
10. Nucleon-nucleon Scattering Amplitudes and Complex Spin-orbit Interaction Potential Between Nucleons and Nuclei
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