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1. Cross-Sections for the Production of Californium Isotopes by the Bombardment of U238 by Accelerated Carbon Ions
2. Cross Section for the Production of Fm250 in the Reactions Pu241 (C13, 4n) Fm250 and U238 (O16, 4n) Fm250
3. The Production of Element 102
4. The Stripping Process in the Interactions of Accelerated N14 Ions with the Nuclei of Some Elements
5. Two-neutron Transfer During N15 Ion Bombardment of Separated Zr90, 92, 94 Isotopes
6. Observation of Pick-Up of Three Neutrons and Stripping of Three Protons in Interactions Between N14 and Ne20 Ions with C, Al, Cu, and Ta Nuclei
7. Production of N17 Nuclei by Bombardment of Some Elements with Heavy Ions
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