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1. Remarks on the Optical Model of the Nucleus
2. On an Estimate of the Minimum Radius of Two-Particle Interactions at High Energies
3. Use of the Optical Model for the Analysis of π-p and p-p Scattering at High Energies
4. Diffraction Scattering of High-Energy Protons by Protons
5. Diffraction Scattering of Fast Particles
6. Diffraction Scattering of 6.15-Bev Protons by Protons
V.G. Grishin
JETP, 1959, Vol. 8, No. 2, p. 345
PDF (295.3K)

7. Some Consequences of the Long Lifetime of η and ω Mesons
8. Interference between Coulomb and Nuclear Scattering at High Energies
9. Elastic Scattering of 8.7-Bev Protons by Emulsion Nuclei
10. Elastic Scattering of 2.8- and 6.8 Bev/c π- Mesons on Carbon
11. Scattering of 7 - 8 Bev Negative Pions on Nucleons with Large Momentun Transfer
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