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1. Nonmesonic Decay of Hyperfragments
2. Results of a Study of the Disintegration of Carbon Nuclei by 660-Mev Protons
3. Non-Mesonic Decays of Hyperfragments
4. Decay of Residual Nuclei Produced in the Interaction of 660-MeV Protons with Carbon Nuclei
5. Multiple Particle Production in the Interaction between > 1011 ev Nucleons and Emulsion Nuclei
6. Analysis of Stars Containing Hyperfragments, Produced in Emulsiou by 9-Bev Protons
7. The Cross Section for Production of Hypernuclei in Emulsion by 9-Bev Protons
8. Inelastic Interaction of 660-Mev Protons with Carbon Nuclei
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