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1. The Role of the Bipion in Single Pion Production in Nucleon-Nucleon Collisions
2. The Electrical Conductivity of Antiferromagnets
3. A New Type of Auto-localized State of a Conduction Electron in an Antiferromagnetic Semiconductor
4. Crystal structure and magnetic properties of substances with orbital degeneracy
5. Valence-change transitions in rare-earth compounds
6. Three-dimensional ordering of charge-density waves in quasi-one-dimensional and layered crystals
7. Dielectric-metal phase transition in V3O5
8. Commensurability effects and collective excitations in systems with charge-density waves
9. Polaron effects and exchange interaction in magnetic dielectrics with Jahn-Teller ions
10. Atomic mechanisms for the appearance of mixed valence states in lanthanides and actinides
11. Heavy-fermion superconductivity in the two-band model
12. Intermediate-valence compounds with heavy fermions viewed as two-component systems
13. Investigation of the energy gap in SmB6 by the ESR method
14. Superconducting properties of systems with local pairs
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