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1. Kinetics of exciton condensation in germanium
2. Dragging of excitons and electron-hole hops by phonon wind
3. Kinetics of spatial distribution of electron-hole drops
4. Large-scale impurity potential and nature of the main low-temperature luminescence line of pure n-lnSb crystals
5. Propagation of short-wave nonequilibrium phonons and the dynamics of electron-hole droplets in germanium; sound excitation in liquid helium
6. Magnetically stabilized exciton-impurity complexes in indium antimonide
7. Recombination of nonequilibrium carriers in thin samples of strongly excited germanium
8. Electron-hole-droplet dragging by phonon wind and exciton-condensation kinetics in germanium
9. Magnetically induced birefringence in cubic crystals
10. Shape of NMRspectra of solids
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