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Search publications of "S.I. Zakharov"
Found 4 record(s)
1. Asymptotic electron terms of colliding identical nuclei
2. A criterion for the breakdown of dielectrics by a powerful optical radiation pulse
S.I. Zakharov
JETP, 1976, Vol. 44, No. 5, p. 978
PDF (288.7K)

3. Cascade ionization in transparent dielectrics at optical radiation intensities close to the breakdown threshold
S.I. Zakharov
JETP, 1975, Vol. 41, No. 6, p. 1085
PDF (295.4K)

4. Breaking of interatomic bond in a solid following adiabatic and sudden action of arbitrary amplitude
S.I. Zakharov
JETP, 1984, Vol. 60, No. 2, p. 346
PDF (243.6K)

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