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1. NMR investigation of spin flip phase transitions in yttrium-terbium iron garnets
2. Experimental and theoretical investigation of spin-reorientation phase transitions in cubic ferromagnets and ferrimagnets in a magnetic field
3. Baric dependence of the Neel temperature of La2CuO4
4. Hyperfine interactions in ordered lithium ferrite: NMR investigations with diamagnetic substitution and hydrostatic compression
5. Experimental and theoretical investigation of the temperature dependence of La2CuO4 sublattice magnetization
6. Magnetically inequivalent positions of tin ions in ordered lithium ferrite and anisotropy fields at 119Sn nuclei
7. Spin reorientation in dysprosium yttrium iron garnets DyxY3-xFe5O12
8. Spin-reorientation phase transitions in yttrium-samarium iron garnets
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