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1. Maximum in the Melting Curve of Antimony
2. Phase Diagram of Tellurium
3. Electric Resistance of Liquid Tellurium at High Pressures
S.M. Stishov
JETP, 1967, Vol. 25, No. 5, p. 795
PDF (494.5K)

4. Electrical Resistivity of Liquid Cesium at High Pressures
5. Equation of state of alkali metals: Sodium
6. The thermodynamics of the melting of the alkali metals
7. Thermodynamics of the nematic liquid crystal-isotropic liquid phase transition at high pressures
8. Dilatometric investigation of critical phenomena in the ferroelectric phase transition in antimony sulfoiodide SbSI
9. X-ray investigation of the equation of state of PrBa2Cu3O7-y
10. New data on the equation of state for the phase transitions of cesium iodide (the role of hydrostatics)
11. Graphite at pressures up to 55 GPa: optical properties and Raman scattering-amorphous carbon?
12. Cubic boron nitride at high pressures: equation of state and Raman light scattering
13. Crystal structure of the superconducting compound LaBa2Cu3O7
14. Diamond at high pressures: Raman scattering of light, equation of state, and high-pressure scale
15. An investigation of the equations of state of the isoelectronic substances Csl-Xe and RbBr-Kr. Phase transitions in Csl and RbI
16. Dilatometric investigation of phase transitions in a BBOA liquid crystal at high pressures
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