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1. Vibrational spectrum of a crystal with impurities in the presence of localized states near the band edge
2. Interaction between quadrupole centers in antiferromagnetic substances and the magnetic properties of an impurity
3. Electron states in a crystal with impurity levels near the band edge
4. Electron spectrum of crystal in the presence of large-radius impurity states
5. Hopping conductivity of lightly doped compounds of the La2CuO4 type caused by scattering on magnons
6. Localization of spin excitations and disruption of long-range order in weakly-doped La2CuO4
7. Suppression of the large Zeeman splitting of the states of impurity donor-acceptor pairs in semimagnetic semiconductors
8. Spin-phonon interaction and the lifetime of local vibrations in Ni1-x Bex
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