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1. Modulation of Scattered Light by Parametric Resonance
2. Stimulated Raman and Brillouin Scattering in Selective Resonators
3. Optical Orientation of Atoms in a Magnetic Field Perpendicular to a Beam
4. Characteristic Transformation of the Fluctuation Spectrum of Radiation Passing Through a Resonant Medium
5. On the Possibility of Determining the Spectral Contour of an Elementary Radiative Process Under Conditions of Excessive Doppler Broadening
6. Intra-Doppler Spectral Line Structure
7. Determination of the Elementary-emitter Spectrum Latent in an Inhomogeneously Broadened Spectral Line
8. Noise spectrum of spontaneous emission
9. Two-frequency microwave resonance in the hyperfine structure of the ground state of alkali metals
10. Thermal fluctuations in the optical absorption of gases
11. Vacuum birefringence in an intense laser radiation field
12. Magnetic resonance in the Faraday-rotation noise spectrum
13. A restriction on the existence of a new type of fundamental interaction (the "arion" long-range interaction) in an experiment on spin precession of mercury nuclei
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