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1. Critical Currents in Superconducting Tin Films
2. Critical Fields of Thin Superconducting Films. III. The Case L \sim l. Comparison with Experiment
3. The Superconducting Properties of Rhenium
4. Study of the Superconducting Properties and the Structure of Tin Films Obtained by Reactive Sputtering
5. Superconducting transition temperature, critical magnetic fields, and the structure of vanadium films
6. Oscillations of the critical temperature and resistance in lamellar thin-film vanadium-carbon structures
7. Critical magnetic fields of superconducting films of technetium
8. Parallel critical magnetic fields for superconducting vanadium and technetium films
9. Electronic structure of the compound YBa2Cu3O7-δ
10. Tunneling study of technetium
11. Point-contact and neutron spectroscopy of ruthenium
12. Neutron and microcontact investigations of characteristics of the electron-phonon interaction in technetium
13. Critical magnetic fields, electric resistance, and density of electronic states in superconductlng crystalline and amorphous technetium-carbon films
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