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1. On the Interaction Between Lithium Ions and Matter
2. Equilibrium Distribution of Nitrogen Ion Charges
3. Range and Specific Ionization of Multiply-Charged Ion in a Gas
4. Charge-Exchange Cross Section of Nitrogen Ions in Gases
5. Equilibrium Distribution on Charges in a Beam of Ions of Light Elements
6. Electron Capture Cross Section
V.S. Nikolaev
JETP, 1958, Vol. 6, No. 2, p. 417
PDF (140.4K)

7. Calculation of the Cross Sections Sor Electron Loss by Fast Ions in Light Media
8. Experimental Investigation of Electron Capture by Multiply Charged Ions
9. Slowing Down of Multicharged Ions in Solids and Gases
10. Experimental Study of Electron Loss by Multiply Charged Ions in Gases
11. Capture of Several Electrons by Fast Multicharged Ions
12. Semi-empirical Method for the Calculation of the Equilibrium Distribution of Charges in a Fast-ion Beam
13. Experimental Investigation of the Effective Cross Sections for the Annihilation and Formation of Fast Negative Ions in Atomic Collisions
14. Multiple Scattering of Nitrogen and Oxygen Ions in Aluminum
15. Calculation of the Effective Cross Section for the Loss of K Electrons by Fast Hydrogen-like Ions During Encounters with Hydrogen and Helium Atoms
16. Calculation of the Effective Cross Sections for Proton Charge Exchange in Collisions with Multi-electron Atoms
V.S. Nikolaev
JETP, 1967, Vol. 24, No. 4, p. 847
PDF (1383.5K)

17. A Calculation of the Effective Cross Section for Loss of K-electrons by Fast Helium-like Ions Colliding with Hydrogen and Helium Atoms
18. Experimental determination of the ratio of the cross sections for ionization by protons of L1 and L2 atomic subshells
19. Experimental study of the loss and capture of electrons by fast unexcited and metastable heliumlike ions in ion-atomic collisions
20. Stopping-power distribution for fast helium and nitrogen ions passing through metal films
21. Experimental study of the loss and capture of electrons by fast multiply charged nitrogen and neon ions in various gases
22. Energy losses and their straggling of H+ and He+ ions of several hundred keV energy after passing through metal and polystyrene films
23. Probabilities and cross sections for the ionization of hydrogen and of hydrogen-like ions by fast multiply charged ions
24. Formation of autoionizing metastable lithium-like particles in collisions of fast ions with argon atoms
25. Loss and capture of electrons by fast ions and atoms of helium in various media
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