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1. Comparison of Calorimetric and Ionization Measurements of the Energy Flux of Synchrotron Gamma Rays
S.P. Kruglov
JETP, 1958, Vol. 6, No. 4, p. 817
PDF (234.3K)

2. Comparison of the Absolute Measurements of the Energy in a Bremsstrahlung Beam Performed in the Laboratories of Different Countries
3. Characteristics states of muonium (μ+ meson) in silicon in longitudinal magnetic fields
4. Positive-muon depolarization in weakly doped silicon single crystals
5. Subthreshold K+-meson production in proton-nucleus interactions
6. Depolarization of positive muons in solid hydrogen
7. Study of dysprosium by a muon diffusion technique
8. Muon diffusion in ultrapure copper and bismuth
9. An investigation of the magnetic properties of erbium by the muon method
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