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1. Inversion of magnetic-impurity oscillations of the photoconductivity in germanium
2. Magnetic-impurity oscillations and the low-temperature photokinetics in germanium
3. Photokinetic magnetic-impurity quantum oscillations in germanium at helium temperatures
4. Oscillations of the photocurrent in a magnetic field during intense photoexcitation of doped germanium
5. Resonant recombination of photoexcited light holes in germanium in a magnetic field
6. Broadening of superconducting resistive transition in macroscopically inhomogeneous Ga-Sb and Zn-Sb alloys under magnetic field
7. Anomalous superconducting response and nonactivating tunneling in high-resistance metastable states of GaSb
8. Three components of the superconducting response in high-resistance metastable states of the alloy CdSb
9. Conduction mechanisms near the metal-insulator transition range
10. Quantum Hall effect in layered lnSe crystals
11. Experimental investigation of magnetoimpurity oscillations in gallium arsenide
12. Energy spectrum and quasibound Coulomb states of light holes in germanium in a magnetic field
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