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1. Circular Polarization of Internal Bremsstrahlung Accompanying K-Capture in Fe55
2. Oriented Tb160 Nuclei in Metallic Terbium
3. Measurement of the Effective Magnetic Fields Acting on Co60 Nuclei in Dilute Solid Solutions of Co in Pd
4. Magnetic Fields on Co60 and Sn119 Nuclei and Electron Polarization in CoPd and FePd Alloys
5. Magnetic Hyperfine Interaction for Co60 in Pt-Co Alloys
6. Magnetic hyperfine interaction for Co60 in PdRhCo alloys
7. Magnetic hyperfine interaction for 60Co in alloys containing palladium and platinum
8. Hyperfine interaction for 160Tb in gadolinium
9. Magnetic hyperfine interaction for Co impurity atoms in a PdAu matrix
10. Exchange and hyperfine interaction in AuFe alloys around the percolation threshold
11. Alignment of magnetic moments of Fe and Mn atoms in a ferromagnetic Pt-Fe alloy
12. Characteristics of low-temperature magnetic ordering of Mn impurity atoms in dilute PtFe and Pd(Co, Fe) alloys
13. Nuclear spin-latice relaxation of 60Co in (Pd1-xPtX)Co1 at infralow temperatures
14. Magnetic hyperfine interaction and nuclear spin-lattice relaxation for 89Ym in ZrFe2
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