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1. Energy Spectrum of Multiply Charged Ions in a Laser-produced Plasma
2. Stationary model of the "corona" of spherical laser targets
3. Hydrodynamic instability and spontaneous magnetic fields in a spherical laser plasma
4. Theoretical study of the hydrodynamics of spherical targets taking the refraction of the laser radiation into account
5. Hydrodynamic stability of compression of spherical laser targets
6. Compression of shell targets heated by nanosecond pulses
7. Investigations of physical processes in the corona of laser-fired shell targets
8. The "laser greenhouse" thermonuclear target with distributed absorption of laser energy
9. Physics of a two-temperature thermonuclear burning wave in an inertially confined plasma
10. Hydrodynamics of the collapse of a laser-heated and -compressed microballoon
11. Hydrodynamic theory of plasma ion heating by the beats of oppositely directed electromagnetic waves
12. X rays from laser-fired microspheres
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