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1. The Question of the Symmetry of the Many-Electron Schrödinger Wave Function
E.D. Trifonov
JETP, 1958, Vol. 7, No. 6, p. 1129
PDF (297.5K)

2. Collective Effects in Spontaneous Emission by Two Atoms
3. Angular correlation of photons in superradiance
4. Collective spontaneous emission by polyatomic systems
5. Semiclassical theory of cooperative radiation of a polyatomic system
6. Superradiance of an extended system
7. Diffraction effects in superfluorescence
8. Coherent propagation of small-area pulses in activated crystals
9. Coherent amplification of ultrashort pulses in activated crystals
10. Superradiance of a multiatomlc system with allowance for the Coulomb Interaction
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