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1. Dynamic effects in pulsed NMR in easy plane antiferromagnets with large dynamic frequency shifts
2. Investigation of the parametric mechanism of spin-echo formation and the dynamics of spin motion in systems with a dynamic frequency shift
3. Parametric amplified echo
4. Distinctive features of a continuous NMR in 3He-B, due to a spin supercurrent
5. Superfluid spin current in a channel parallel to the magnetic field
6. Experimental study of separation of magnetization precession in 3He-B into two magnetic domains
7. Investigation of relaxation processes in superfluid He3-A
8. Experimental separation of frequency spin echo signal
9. Investigation of the interaction between nonequilibrium phonons and nuclear spin waves in antiferromagnetic CsMnF3
10. Investigation of spin-lattice relaxation in antiferromagnets at ultralow temperatures
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