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1. Optical orientation of Si29 nuclei in n-type silicon and its dependence on the pumping light intensity
2. Optical polarization of nuclei in silicon subjected to optical pumping in weak magnetic fields
3. Nuclear relaxation in silicon in weak magnetic fields
4. Symmetry and metastability of an EL2 center in GaAs
N.T. Bagraev
JETP, 1991, Vol. 73, No. 4, p. 764
PDF (390.7K)

5. Spin-correlated electron transfer along broken bonds in semiconductors
6. Theory of electron characteristic-energy-loss spectroscopy
7. Spin-dependent processes in one-dimensional disordered dangling-bond systems in semiconductors
8. Optical polarization of nuclei in semiconductors with magnetic impurities
9. Correlations in distributions of donor and acceptor impurities in silicon
10. Optical polarization of lattice nuclei in plastically deformed silicon
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