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1. On the Theory of Negative Ion Formation in Slow Atomic Collisions
2. Negative Ion Formation and De-excitation of the Hydrogen 2s Level in Slow Collisions
3. Resonant charge exchange between dipole molecules
R.Z. Vitlina
JETP, 1973, Vol. 37, No. 3, p. 404
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4. Excitation transfer in slow collisions in a dense gas
5. Inversion of the population of the rotational levels of molecules by an ultrashort light pulse
6. Rotational spectrum and collision broadening of rotational lines of molecules in a strong light field
7. Nonresonant charge exchange in dense gases
8. Nonresonant charge transfer in the field of an intense light wave
9. On the theory of vibration-rotation excitation of molecules
10. Reflection of electromagnetic waves from a surface with a low relief
11. Plasma oscillations of muiticomponent two dimensional systems
12. Nonequilibrium plasmons in a two-dimensional electron gas
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