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1. Influence of spatial dispersion on the image forces and electron energy spectrum above the surface of liquid helium
2. Screening of charges and Friedel oscillations of the electron density in metals having differently shaped Fermi surfaces
3. Paramagnetic limit of superconductors with dielectric gap on the Fermi surface
4. Coherence properties and current transport in a ceramic Josephson medium, BaPb1-xBixO3
5. Energy spectrum of electrons above a thin liquid helium film in a clamping electric field
6. Effect of dynamic character of image forces on field emission
7. Shape of NMRspectra of solids
8. Experimental demonstration of bulk superconductivity in the perovskite system BaPb1-xBixO3
9. Effect of impurity scattering on the critical temperature of superconductors with partial dielectrization of the electron spectrum
10. Nature of superconductivity in BaPb1-xBix03 solid solutions with perovskite structure. Role of electrization of the electron spectrum
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